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Mélissa: KIF. is a lifestyle label, an interdisciplinary creative studio.

Guillaume: Spontaneously, I would say that KIF.  is a research and development laboratory whose ultimate quest is happiness through any medium: an art piece, a space, a sound, an object… an experience.
More precisely, it is the opportunity to bring together all the projects that drive us under a single identity.

Mélissa: With KIF. we set up "capsule" projects in collaboration with selected partners.
There is no limit to what we allow ourselves to explore and achieve. The common denominators are always the same: the desire to share and above all to enjoy!


Guillaume: I have always evolved in the artistic world, first as an artists' agent in the United States, while studying anthropology. Back in Europe, I continued under FG FINE ART’s identity, setting up exhibitions for art foundations, cities and galleries… Then, I set up my gallery, specializing in curating exhibitions and monumental artworks.

Mélissa: I started out in the professional world as a lawyer, until I realized that I would not thrive enough in this environment. Spotted by Guillaume, I joined FG FINE ART.
This leap into the art world has been a breath of fresh air. The emotion provoked by beauty is clearly addictive!

Guillaume: We then continued to develop FG FINE ART together for a few years, until a desire formed to take a step back and rethink our path.



Mélissa: To broaden our horizon, to break down barriers.

Guillaume: The urge for even more freedom had become increasingly present ...
Looking back on those exciting and passionate years in the artistic world allowed me to identify what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to leave for the future.

Mélissa: By selling monumental sculptures, we had the chance to meet extraordinary people, whether they were creators, artisans, and also collectors. We are lucky, in that we are surrounded by passionate and gifted people ...

Guillaume: And all these personalities are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, a kind of library of exciting people with whom we want to spend time, build bridges and collaborate.


Guillaume: Originally it’s the acronym for "Kevin Is French".
A brand we have been working on for a while now, which is cooking up ... we had registered the name KIF. a while ago ...

Mélissa: It then seemed obvious to use KIF. for our label project.
The meaning of the word « kiffe » in the French vocabulary has a real echo with the values ​​that we infuse in our projects.

Guillaume: Anyway, when the timing allows it, « Kevin is French » will emerge and take on its full meaning within the label.

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