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Formerly devoted to thoroughbred breeding, Le Haras has been a family property since 1908
of 85 hectares, located at the gates of Paris.


Abandoned since World War II, the estate has been coming back to life for a few years, under the  will of one of the family members.

THIS unconventional collector is driven by the desire to give this place a
UNIque identity.
He chose to entrust us with the artistic direction to support him on this project.


our mission at first is to
rethink the whole ESTATE and TO imagine
the different phases of renovation. we will THEN invite artists from various backgrounds,
  welcomING them in residence in this PROPERTY ORIENTED towards sharing and creation.


A strong feeling of freedom emanates from this place, where IT feelS like BEING in a huge playground. Our goal will be to keep the project infused in this state of mind.


Work has started, and we should be able to welcome our first guest in the fall of 2022.


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