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ARO 00 is an original sculpture in bronze by contemporary French artist Steph COP.

His reassuring and familiar anthropomorphic shape enables the viewer to bond immediately. Then, by getting closer, the texture and the light emanating from its black patina takes the collector into a completely different world, then free to appropriate his sculpture.

The model used to make this bronze is the Wooden ARO 00, one of Steph COP's first wooden artworks, sculpted in 2008 from an oak beam from the Morvan regional park. The number 00 indicates that it is an artist's proof. Selected from the first series of 30 wooden sculptures, the first bronze of the artist was cast for the first time in 2013.

Made in a French art foundry, the sculpture measures 70 cm. The patina is a « smoke black ». The sculpture is cast into 12 original pieces: 8 numbered from 1 to 8, as well as four artist's proofs numbered from I to IV.

The first three pieces were produced by FG ​​FINE ART between 2013 and 2014. In 2020, we are editing 2 new pieces.


Steph COP is a contemporary French artist.
Today indissociable from his wooden beings, he has been part of the cultural landscape since the 1980s. A pioneer in the world of graffiti, "Arts Toys", and "StreetWear", this tireless and insatiable worker manages to transport us in his universe, whatever the form is.

ARO is the initials of “Obsessive Reflex Analysis”. Although ARO is the name commonly given to his character, it is a state of mind, a constant search of the essential.
A relentless work without  concession, through which he delivers to us, under an apparent simplicity, the keys to a universe of an incredible complexity: the soul of this passionate artist.

"Focus on the essentials: going to the rawest, certainly not to the simplest" Steph Cop.


ARO 00

Artiste             STEPH COP
Dimensions    H: 70cm  L: 24cm  l: 36cm 

Weight            Approx. 30 kg
Patina              Black

Foundry       Le Bronze D’Airain - Lost wax method  8+4 editions.

For the 2020 edition, both arms are articulated by a poweful magnet system, replacing the rubber used for the first three editions.

Edition KIF.  2020
Two pieces available

All the images featured in this page belong to KIF. and have been made by Franck SPIRE/ VISUAL KRAFT

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